The National Association of Aladdin Lamp Collectors, Inc. sponsors the Annual Gathering of the Aladdin Knights of the Mystic Light for the study, exhibition and collection of Aladdin Lamps. The Gathering is held in a different location each year. The key event of the week is the International Antique Lamp Show & Sale which attracts collectors and dealers from coast to coast, England, Canada and Australia. Other events during the week of the Gathering are Room-Trading, All-Aladdin Auction, Thursday Evening Reception, raffle, Display Room, seminars and the Saturday Evening Banquet.
The Gatherings are run by volunteers and financed via registration and admission fees, raffle and auction of quilts made by the Ladies of the Knights and sale of memorabilia.

Location of Gatherings

1973 Nashville, Tennessee1989 Cincinnati, Ohio2005 Evansville, Indiana
1974 St. Charles, Illinois1990 Peoria, Illinois 2006 Columbia, Missouri
1975 Louisville, Kentucky1991 Toledo, Ohio2007 Nashville, Tennessee
1976 Nashville, Tennessee1992 Nashville, Tennessee 2008 Indianapolis, Indiana
1977 Anderson, Indiana1993 Paducah, Kentucky2009 Louisville, Kentucky
1978 St. Louis, Missouri1994 Columbia, Missouri2010 Columbia, Missouri
1979 Nashville, Tennessee1995 Paducah, Kentucky2011 Indianapolis, Indiana
1980 Milwaukee, Wisconsin1996 Decatur, Illinois2012 Springfield, Missouri
1981 Amana, Iowa1997 Chicago, Illinois2013 Topeka, Kansas
1982 Hopkins, Minnesota1998 Nashville, Tennessee2014 Indianapolis, Indiana
1983 Nashville, Tennessee1999 Columbia, Missouri2015 Nashville, Tennesee
1984 Kansas City, Kansas2000 Omaha, Nebraska2016 Louisville, Kentucky
1985 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania2001 Paducah, Kentucky2017 Columbia, Missouri
1986 Toledo, Ohio2002 Paducah, Kentucky2018 Peoria, Illinois
1987 Paducah, Kentucky2003 Springfield, Illinois2019 Coralville, Iowa
1988 Milwaukee, Wisconsin2004 Louisville, Kentucky2021 Louisville, Kentucky
2022 Springfield, Missouri2023 Peoria, Illinois

List of Gathering Commemorative Finials and Lamps by Year

DateFinialLamp-Banquet or Commemorative
197870th Anniv Comm
1979Amber Shelf Lamp
1983Amber Shelf Lamp/75th White Shelf Lamp/Student Lamp
1984C6103 w/Logo Shade
1985Special Pottery Genie Lamp Made by Feists
1986Blackstone Owl Plate
1987Clear Crystal GenieRed Shelf Lincoln Drape w/12″ shade
1988Amber GenieC6103 w/Gray Shade
1989Copper Blue GenieRed Metal w/12″ Shade
1990Emerald Green Genie Classic w/Ducks, 10″ Gold Shade
1991Amethyst GenieBlue Shelf Lamp w/ 12″ Shade
1992Cobalt Blue GenieSLD Clear w/M750 shade w/Majestic Lamps
1993Yellow Opalescent GenieSLD Clear Font/Pink Base w/ 14″ Logo Shade
1994Opaque Blue GenieSLD Pink Font/Clear Base w/ 14″ Logo Shade
1995Pink Crystal GenieSLD Pink Font/Clear Base w/ 14″ Logo Shade
1996Teal/Aquamarine GenieSLD Clear Font/Blue Base, Morning Glory Shade
1997Orchid GenieSLD Pink, Shade w/Logo
1998Light Green GenieSLD Pink, Shade w/25 Year Date
1999White Opal GenieSLD Clear Font/Green Base w/ Logo Shade
2000Black GenieSLD Pink, M750 Shade w/Majestic Lamps
2001Vaseline GenieWalnut Inscribed Base w/Geese Shade
2002Seafoam Green GenieBlue&Red Shelf LD w/Patriotic Flags Shade
2003Red GenieWhite LD  Shelf w/ Color Logo Shade
2004Clear Crystal Leaf Ruby LD Shelf Lamp w/Logo Shade
2005Clear Crystal BallVaseline Genie III
2006Amber Genie Lamp w/Clear Flame White LD Shelf Gold Lettering”34th Gathering, August, 2006″ No shade
2007Red Genie Lamp w/Clear Flame
2008Clear Diamond FacetedSchreiber Collection w/Logo Shade & Bill Screiber Dedication
2009Red&White Swirls Round Ball
2010Green Moonstone Genie Lamp w/Clear FlameAssorted Electrics from Smith Collection
2011Cobalt Blue Reeded FanCobalt 0500 Shelf Lamp
2012Ruby Reeded FanRuby 0500 Shelf Lamp
2013Wooden Aladdin Wedge, Sunflower design
2014Vaseline Reeded FanVaseline Glass  0500
2015Cranberry Reeded FanRuby Carnival Glass 0500
2016Clear New Vogue GlassPassion Pink 0500
2017Green New Vogue GlassForest Green 0500
2018Flame Carnival Art GlassAmethyst Carnival Glass 0500
2019Blue Swirl Glass BallCobalt Blue Josephine Lamp
2021Green & White Swirl Glass BallDark Green Josephine Lamp
2022Glass CardinalBlack Josephine Lamp
2023White Genie Lamp w/Gold FlameOpal White 0500 w/ Gold Inscription “50th Gathering, July 2023”