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Home of Aladdin lamps

Clubs / Educational Organizations
      The Rushlight Club
      The International Guild of Lamp Researchers
      International Coleman Collectors
      Historical Lighting Society of Canada

      Historical Lighting Society of UK

      The Miniature Lamp Collectors Club
      Fairy Lamp Collectors Club

Individual Collectors - Educational Sites
      Collecting Aladdin Kerosene Lamps

      Pressure Lamps Unlimited
      TeriAnn's Aladdin Lamp Homepage

      The Kessler Collection

      SonSet Marine - We have two very unique businesses.
              Aladdin oil lamps and
              Marine parts icom radios/pactor modems/hatch repair.
      The Everburning Light - Juergen Weissner

      Lehman's Non-Electric Store

Addtional Resources
      Collector's Weekly

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