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Aladdin Knights
Order your books and “Mystic Light'”newsletter here and download a free 8-page “History of the Aladdin Lamp.”

Aladdin Mantle Lamps
Home of Aladdin Mantle Lamps. Find out what’s new at Aladdin as well as information and resources for research on antique lamps.

“Antique” Aladdin Lamp Dealers PDF List
These are Aladdin Knights who sell old lamps and replacement parts.

The Rushlight Club
A great source of information on all kinds of antique lighting.

International Coleman Collectors Club
The source for all Vintage Coleman products.

Historical Lighting Society of Canada
Founded in 1981, the society is for all who have an interest of lighting of the past

Historical Lighting Society of UK
The Historic Lighting Club was founded in 1989 as a forum for the exchange of information and research into all aspects of early lighting.

The Miniature Lamp Collectors Club
Night Light is a collectors club for miniature oil lamp enthusiasts. The club was founded in 1990, and over 550 collectors world wide have joined Night Light. The club focuses on kerosene-era lamps, roughly 1860 to 1920.

Fairy Lamp Collectors Club
Dedicated to the research and advancement of information related to Victorian-era fairy lamps.

Collecting Aladdin Kerosene Lamp
Site hosted by an individual collector. Wonderful source for photographs of and information on Aladdin Mantle lamps.

TeriAnn’s Aladdin Lamp Homepage
TeriAnn’s Guide to Aladdin and other brands of kerosene Mantle Lamps.

Classic Pressure Lamps and Heaters
Online resource for the collector and enthusiast.

The Lamp Works
An On-Line Resource for Lighting Researchers and Collectors of Oil and Kerosene Lamps, Burners and other Trimmings.

Kerosene Lamps of the North
Great source of information on Aladdin Lamps located in Canada.

Glass Lovers Glass Database
Free glassware identification resource.

Imperial Lighting Co.
Genuine Aladdin Lamps and Parts

Good Pickin’s
Showcases a collection of exotic artistic lamps to enrich your lifestyle

Lehman’s Hardware Store
For a simpler life

Jack’s Country Store
Purveyors of Fine Goods Since 1885