Madison County Historical Society of Anderson, IN

Late in 2020 an agreement was reached between the National Association of Aladdin Lamp Collectors (NAALC) and the Madison County Historical Society (MCHS) that makes space available to the NAALC for display cases at the Museum in Anderson, IN. For more information about the museum go to their website.
The NAALC purchased 12 display cases for use at the museum. They are located on the second floor of the museum.
October 20th, 2022 – Our display at the museum is complete and open for viewing.
The photos below show some of the work in progress and the completed displays.

Madison County Historical Society Museum


The NAALC Museum Committee is quickly moving forward in making the dream of a home for the collections a reality. The Aladdin Museum will be located on the second floor of the Madison County Historical Society in Anderson, IN. We have approximately 300 square feet of climate-controlled space for storage as well as a large space for display cases to showcase the permanent collection. The committee is currently working on the purchasing display cases. However, to make this a reality, we need the help of the Knights.

You are probably aware that museums are unable to exist without donations from individuals who support the concept. The NAALC Museum is no exception. Many generous Knights have already donated lamps and other memorabilia to the collection, but without display cases, they remain on shelves and in boxes in storage.


Why do we need a museum?

The museum will help us fulfill our mission as an organization. The NAALC’s Mission states that we exist:  

  • To stimulate interest in Aladdin lamps and home lighting
  • To encourage lighting research
  • To collect and preserve artifacts, materials and information
  • To disseminate information about antique lighting and Aladdin lamps
  • To work with other groups and organizations in exhibition and promotion
  • To facilitate exchange of antique lamps

The museum will provide a home for lamps and other items manufactured by The Mantle Lamp Company of America (a.k.a. Aladdin Industries). It will also archive many documents and other artifacts that will be essential in research.

Where is the NAALC Museum?

In the Madison County History Building, at 15 West 11th Street, in downtown Anderson, Indiana, 46016.

How can you help?

You can help by donating to the NAALC Museum. Your donation can be accomplished in several ways.

  • By donating lamp(s) or other Aladdin memorabilia to the museum. The museum committee would be delighted to talk with collectors about items for donation. These donations will be used to complete displays, be catalogued into the inventory, and be available for traveling displays. If you are interested in making a donation of Aladdin lamps and/or memorabilia, please contact a museum committee member for more information.
  • By donating lamp(s) or other memorabilia to be auctioned at annual Gatherings. The proceeds from the sale of your item(s) will go to the Museum Fund. Please contact a museum committee member for more information.
  • By making a cash donation to the Museum Fund. Your donation is fully tax deductible because the NAALC is a 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to the collection and preservation of antique lamps and lighting. With your donation, you will be recognized in the calendar year of your donation on the honor roll of donors.

 A donation of:

  • $1- 99 is the Alacite Circle
  • $100 – 499 is the Moonstone Circle
  • $500 – 999 is the Velvex Circle
  • $1000 or more is the Opalique Circle

For the first 12 donors of $1,000 or more, you have the privilege of naming one of our display cases for someone who has been an important part of your Aladdin journey. A permanent plaque in honor of or in memory of your designee will be placed on the case.

To make a donation, contact John Parsons at, or send your donation to the NAALC secretary/treasurer:

Bonnie Durk
11225 E Rob Cook RD
Centralia, MO 65240

Museum Committee: Bob Daniels, Darren Corbissero, Michael Van Gorder, John Parsons, Ellen Strickland, Stan Walker, Fred Stevenson and Ron Jenkins.

Pioneer Village of Minden, NE

In July, 2011 a group of dedicated Aladdin Knights completed work on an Aladdin Display at the Harold Warp Pioneer Village Museum in Minden, NE. The display represents a store front from the past and includes oil and electric lamps as well as a few Hopalong Cassidy items. The Pioneer Village complex comprises 28 buildings on 20 acres housing over 50,000 irreplaceable items of historical value, restored to operating order, arranged in groups and also in the chronological order of their development. If you’re in Nebraska be sure to stop by and explore their collection. Visit their website for more information.

Aladdin Museum of Light, Kidron Ohio (located inside Lehman’s Hardware Store)

The exhibit is sponsored by the Aladdin Museum of Light (AMOL), Lehman Hardware & Appliance, Inc. and the National Association of Aladdin Lamp Collectors, Inc. (NAALC). The exhibit consists of a museum room fitted with 10 lighted display cases custom made by Lehman’s for the exhibit. There is no charge to visit and see the exhibit. Lehman’s is an important tourist destination in Northeast Ohio’s Amish Country. Some 4,000 visitors come on a typical Saturday, while the annual figure is around 500,000.

Museum of American Glass, Weston, WV

Dean Six suggested MAG as good “home” for Aladdin archives (the marble collectors have their archives at MAG). MAG has very good color magazine ALL ABOUT GLASS.

NAALC purchased three Fostoria showcases to place in the museum. We shipped assorted Aladdin lamps for display.

Courter has sent Aladdin books and complimentary newsletters to MAG. MAG has since been given a very large collection of kerosene lamps and lighting which has received more attention.