Aladdin Price Guide #23


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Aladdin Collectors Manual & Price Guide #23, Kerosene Mantle Lamps.

Copyright © J.W. Courter.

Companion to “Aladdin, The Magic Name in Lamps”. Lamp values and collecting tips, and many photographs of lamps, shades, plus information on reproductions, and much more.

The Collectors Manual gives tips for collectors under the major headings- “How to Determine The Collector Value of Aladdin Lamps;” “Collecting Kerosene Aladdins;” “Using Wick Raiser Knobs to Identify Models;” “Collecting Alacite;” “How to Light Your Aladdin,” and more.

Information and illustrations tell how to evaluate the conditions of lamps, and how to identify reproduction lamps and shades. Collectors are concerned about reproductions and this section will keep you from paying old prices for “new” lamps and shades. The addition of Model 23 Aladdin lamps and foreign models of Aladdins brings the listings up-to-date.

48 pages, current edition, completely revised and updated 2017, softbound, illustrated.