We have published these special booklets of new information to help collectors identify Aladdin lamps and shades. The format is 8 1/2 X 11 inches. Author Don Carey has packed each book with illustrations and data to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment collecting Aladdin lamps.

Book 1. Aladdin Electric Table Lamps and Bed Lamps Each lamp illustrated with catalog information, 106 pages. $20.00

Book 2. Aladdin Electric Floor Lamps Each lamp illustrated, including electric head types, with catalog information, 92 pages. $20.00

Book 3. Aladdin Electric Shades Each shade sold on an Aladdin lamp illustrated with catalog information, 80 pages. $20.00

Book 4. Finials for Aladdin Electric Lamps Each finial for floor and table Aladdin lamps illustrated and dated, with catalog information, 54 pages. $20.00

These publications are now available again!  Please click on the "Merchandise" tab to the right to purchase them right from this web site!


More books and a newsletter about Aladdin lamps and other antique lamps are available to purchase online on the Aladdin Knights website:

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