46th GATHERING OF Aladdin Knights
2018 Gathering All Aladdin Auction
   1-1C6109 Green Moonstone Genie lll Lamp NIB$105.00
LOT 10
   10-42 NOS #11 f/s, 2 #11 Wicks, Hanging Hook, Wick Raisers, Galleries$10.00
   10-540+ Tripods & Shade Holders$135.00
LOT 29
   29-5Lot of 12 - 1979 Shelf Fonts NIB$250.00
   1-22- White Venetian Lamps$5.00
   1-3C6194 Green Moonstone Shelf Lamp NIB$50.00
   1-4Clear Beehive/ & Pink Venetian$45.00
   1-5#7 Hanging Lamp w/ 416 Shade$125.00
   2-120" Floor Lamp Shade$45.00
   2-2Model 23 Pink 0500 Font$55.00
   2-33,4,5,6,7, 1Pc. Burner Screen/ 1 #23 2Pc. Burner Screen/Drip Plate/Chimney Bsk.$7.50
   2-48 Assorted Club Finials$75.00
   2-52- Nickel Burners w/ F.S. & Wick$95.00
   3-1White Venetian w/ Burner$25.00
   3-2B-30 White Simplicity w/ Burner$45.00
   3-3B-87 Rose Moonstone Vertique w/ Burner$100.00
   3-4B-75 T.L.D. Alacite / Burner (post war)$75.00
   3-5B-53 Clear Plain Stem W.D. w/ Burner$40.00
   4-1G-224 Rose and G-224 Alacite$30.00
   4-2G-62 Amber/ G-62 Rose$25.00
   4-3G-18 Alacite$27.53
   4-4Model 12 4 Post Hanging Lamp$75.00
   4-5Aladdin Pink Paraffin Oil Can$115.00
   5-1Large Box/various size tripods$45.00
   5-235 Aladdin Mantles for Models 3 to 11$255.00
   5-31 Dozen Nu-Type Wicks for Models 3 to 11$35.00
   5-411 Nu-Type Wicks for Models A & B$115.00
   6-1American Classic Daisy Lamp$10.00
   6-2Whip-O-Lite Shade 14" for Kerosene Lamp$17.50
   6-3Whip-O-Lite Shade 14"$40.00
   7-6Model # 4 Double Chandelier #112 w/ shades$1,900.00
   8-1G-288 Alacite w/Lighted Base / G-193 w/Lighted Base$25.00
   8-2Pr. G-172 Alacite$35.00
   8-3Pr. G-237 Alacite$20.00
   8-4G-266 Alacite / G-243 Alacite w/Lighted Base$25.00
   8-5G-258 Alacite w/Lighted Base / G-338 Alacite & Green$12.50
   9-2(2) Nickel B Burners$80.00
   9-3Model B Nickel Burner NOS, Nickel Model B Nashville$45.00
   9-47/8 Wall Bracket (org.) w/2 Wall Plates$75.00
   9-5Aladdin Paper Weight 1977/ knights 107$45.00
LOT 10
   10-1Model A Nickel Burner NOS, Model A Brass Burner$75.00
   10-2Model B Nickel Burner NOS, Model A Nickel Burner$100.00
   10-3Model B Nickel Burner NOS, Nashville Model B Brass Burner NOS$110.00
   10-540 + Tripods & Shade Holders$135.00
LOT 11
   11-1G258 w/ Moonsheaf Finial (lamp has been painted) & G14$30.00
   11-2G172 w/Precision Finial (Shade Damaged)$55.00
   11-3G350 w/ Scroll Finial with Planter Bowl$60.00
   11-4G38-16 Green Moonstone w/ Pear Green Moonstone Finial$225.00
   11-5G69-16 w/ Shell Finial$65.00
LOT 12
   12-1105 Green Crystal Colonial w/ Burner$140.00
   12-2112 Rose Cathedral w/ Burner$90.00
   12-3B-126 White MS Font w/Rose MS Foot Corinthian w/ Burner$65.00
   12-4B-88 Yellow Vertique w/ Burner$275.00
   12-5B-25 Victoria w/ Burner w/ Burner$250.00
   12-6B-93 White Vertique w/ Burner$0.00
LOT 13
   13-1Colbart Scallop Tall Lincoln Drape w/Burner$1,050.00
   13-2Alacite Scallop Tall Lincoln Drape w/ Burner$250.00
   13-3Ruby Tall Lincoln Drape w/Burner$250.00
   13-4Alacite Short Lincoln Drape w/Burner$200.00
   13-5Green Vertique w/Burner$175.00
LOT 14
   14-1Wreath Finial/Lt Alacite$20.00
   14-2Alacite Wreath Finial$25.00
   14-3Frosted Bouquet Finial$40.00
   14-4White Bouquet Finial$20.00
   14-5Open Throat(Turn Key) Finial / Clear with trace of Alacite$65.00
LOT 15
   15-1Ruby Beehive w/ Burner$275.00
   15-2Pink & White Corinthian w/Burner$100.00
   15-3#7 Table Lamp w/Burner & 401 Shade$80.00
   15-4#3 Practicus Table Lamp w/Burner$375.00
   15-5Pr.- G-287 Electric Lamps$45.00
LOT 16
   16-1Alum. Bracket Lamp w/ Electric Burner/ 1- Green Base for Corinthian$12.50
   16-25- #11 NIT Flame Spreaders/ 1-# 12 NIT/ 1- #6 NIT$20.00
   16-34,8,9,10,11 Wick Raisers$17.50
   16-44- Model #11 Flame Spreaders/ (2) B Flame Spreaders$22.50
   16-54-Model B Lamp Burner Collars/ (1) Connector$10.00
LOT 17
   17-15-#11 F.S./ 1-#6 F.S./ 2- B Flame Spreaders$32.50
   17-2Aladdin Thermo Lunch Box w/ Thermos/ 1- Aladdin Black Lunch Bucket/No Thermos$25.00
   17-33- New Aladdin Heeless Chimneys/ 2- Lox on Chimneys$65.00
   17-4Model 23 Amber Short Lincoln Drape w/ Shade NIB$65.00
   17-5Aladdin Tripples Game$30.00
LOT 18
   18-13- Kone Kap Mantels$30.00
   18-22- B, A, or 12 Mantels$30.00
   18-31- 7 to 11 Wick, 1- Mounted B Wick, 1- #12 Wick, 1- B/A Wick$35.00
   18-4Nickel Model A Burner w/ Wick$50.00
   18-5Model # 12 Burner$25.00
LOT 19
   19-1B-425 Gold & Ivory Floor Lamp/ Gold & Green Floor Lamp$150.00
   19-2B-274 Cream Floor Lamp/ B-293 Ivory Floor Lamp$275.00
   19-3B-286 Bronze Floor Lamp/ #1258 Gold Floor Lamp$100.00
   19-4B-283 Ivory & Gold Floor Lamp/ B-266 Green & Gold Floor Lamp$225.00
   19-5B-298 Satin Gold Floor Lamp/ #1252 Model 12 Van Dyke Brown Floor Lamp$250.00
LOT 20
   20-1Green Moonstone Corinthian$90.00
   20-2Pink Moonstone Corinthian$55.00
   20-3White Queen$95.00
   20-4C6191 Green Moonstone SLD Lamp NIB$65.00
   20-5Autumn Leaf Brown Marble Lamp Complete/ in Original Box$55.00
LOT 21
   21-3White Solitare$1,600.00
   21-46- Assorted Finials/ 1- Model B Directions/ 2- Model C Directions$65.00
LOT 22
   22-12014 Aladdin Quilt$0.00
   22-2Decalcomania w/ Burner$0.00
   22-3B-55 Amber Crystal W.D.$0.00
   22-4B-133 Silver Orientale$0.00
   22-5111- Green Cathedral$0.00
LOT 23
   23-1Lady & the Dog/ Great Gold/Wiring is good$375.00
   23-2(2) G-28 Alacite/ Wiring good$55.00
   23-3Scroll Finial$20.00
LOT 24
   24-16- Wick Cleaners/ 4-Model 12 Cleaners/ 2- 3 Prong Cleaners$22.50
   24-24- 3 Prong Wick Cleaners$17.50
   24-34- Model 12 Wick Cleaners$10.00
   24-420- Plastic Wick Cleaners$10.00
   24-5Brass #2 Gallery$25.00
LOT 25
   25-16- Assorted Finials$60.00
   25-2J.W. Courter 1973 Kerosene Book$20.00
LOT 26
   26-1Lot: Empty Boxes/ Burners, Mantels, Wicks, Shade$10.00
   26-2Lot: Empty Boxes/ Burners, Mantels, Wicks, Shade$10.00
   26-3Model 23 Caboose Lamp Including Shade/ NIB$145.00
   26-4Pr. G376 Alacite Electric Urns$65.00
   26-5Pr. G353 Alacite Pinup Lamps$85.00
LOT 27
   27-1#1247 Red Vase Lamp$400.00
   27-2B116 Rose Moonstone Corinthian Lamp$100.00
   27-3Shade # 416 for Hanging 7 or 8 Lamp$70.00
   27-4Large Alacite Bowl & Alacite Nut Dish$250.00
   27-5G47C Hoppy Lamp ( No Shade) & Hoppy Vacuum Bottle$175.00
LOT 28
   28-160102 Red Rose #12 Shade NIB$30.00
   28-2U2305 Ivory Alacite Urn Lamp NIB$95.00
   28-31996 Morning Glory 14" Shade MINT$35.00
   28-4C6196 Vaseline SLD Complete NIB$125.00
   28-5Smilin' Ed Recording, 5 Programs Nov. 1949/NBC Orthacoustic Radio Recording "Aladdin Lamp with Smilin' Ed McConnell"$160.00
LOT 29
   29-1Vaseline 0500 NIB$65.00
   29-2Ducks Shade 14" MINT$60.00
   29-3Coach & Four Boudoir Shade SLB-Z3 NIB$25.00
   29-4Sarah Lee Shade SLD-Z2 NIB$20.00
LOT 30
   30-1G234 Pheasant Lamp$75.00
   30-2G-17 Green Frosted Electric Lamp$65.00
   30-3G-302 Green Alacite Electric Lamp$20.00
   30-4G-26 Frosted Amber w/ Shade$25.00
   30-5G301 Golden Luster Dasies w/ Shade$15.00
   30-6E-200 Orange Vogue Pedestal Lamp$1,500.00
   30-7Model 23 Fenton Purple Carnival w/ Shade: from 2001 Auction$550.00
LOT 31
   31-1Yellow Velvex Vase$425.00
   31-2G-81 Velvex Electric Lamp w/ Shade$165.00
   31-3B-102 Green Crystal Corinthian w/ Burner$105.00
   31-4B-126 White/Rose Moonstone Corinthian w/ Burner$55.00
   31-5Model 23 2000 Christmas Lamp w/ Glass Shade NIB$300.00
LOT 32
   32-1B-122 Green Majestic$150.00
   32-2Model 8 Table Lamp 11 FS$50.00
LOT 33
   33-11975 Vaseline Lincoln Drape Shelf Lamp$135.00
   33-21975 Colbalt Lincoln Drape Shelf Lamp (Rare)$325.00
   33-6Model #12 Florentine Vase Lamps/ Rose (Good) White (Cracked) Green (Cracked)$0.00
LOT 34
   34-1Model 12 1240 Veriegated Verde Vase Lamp(few chips top) Burner & Pot$130.00
   34-220" Parchment Vase Lamp Shade # 641(Damaged) with 20" Tripod$95.00
   34-3B83 Ruby Beehive (dark color) w/ Burner & 3 Line Chimney$400.00
   34-4501-11 Glass Shade$65.00
   34-5Model B Burner Complete/ Nickel B Burner (no gallery or outer wick tube) (1) 3-line Lox on Chimney, (2) lox on Chimney's$105.00
LOT 35
   35-1Australian #1210 Brown w/ Radial Swirls w/ Burner$0.00
   35-2Brown Bakelite #1630 Family Lamp w/ Burner$0.00
   35-3Brown Bakelite #1609 Personal Lamp w/ Burner$0.00
   35-4Australia Brown Pedestal # 1216 Table Lamp w/ #12 Burner$0.00
   35-5Australian #1680 Chrome Table Lamp w/Round Button Burner w/ red Fill$0.00
LOT 36
   36-1Chimney Mount Canadian Goose Shade$30.00
   36-2G301 & G329 Copper Brown w/ Shade$20.00
   36-3G43 Blue Boudoir & G31 Boudoir Lamps$20.00
   36-4G315 Gold Luster & G322 Green$17.50
LOT 37
   37-1601 Shade$40.00
   37-2B53 Plain Stem Clear W.D./ B53 Plain Stem w/ Burner$75.00
   37-3B39 Round Base w/ Burner & B54 Green Washington Drape Plain Stem$100.00
   37-4B54 Plain Stem W.D w/ Burner & B52 W.D Fillagree w/ Burner$60.00
   37-5B126 Corinthian w/ Burner & Shade$140.00
LOT 38
   38-1107 Clear Catherdral$25.00
   38-2B80 Clear Beehive & Green Beehive$60.00
   38-3Pr. B75 Tall Lincoln Drape Lamps$80.00
   38-41251 Floor Lamp$0.00
   38-5B80 Clear Beehive$50.00
LOT 39
   39-1B85 White MS (no Burner) & B138 (No Burner)$85.00
   39-21240 Vase Lamp w/ #12 Burner$110.00
   39-3Pr. Model #11 w/ Burner - Model # 12 w/ Burner - Model 12 (No Burner)$30.00
   39-4Pr. B102 Green Corinthians$80.00
   39-5Model #5 w/Burner - (4) Metal Pots$30.00
LOT 40
   40-1Super Aladdin & #8 Burner w/ F.S.$42.50
   40-2B103 Clear Corinthian - 108 Catherdral Lt. Green - B30 Wh. Simplicity (No Burner)$120.00
   40-35 Model B Burners w/F.S - (1) Model B (No F.S.)$225.00
   40-4(3) Model 23 Brass - B139 Aluminum $47.50
Lot descriptions are sic per the owner. Bold red indicates a lot with a reserve. If zero the reserve was not met. Auction results will be posted after the auction.