Don & Sandra Brown Collection
Aladdin Lamps:
Reproduction Student Lamp, 9 Corinthians, 2 Cathedrals, 17 Washington Drapes (different styles), 2 Colonials, 4 Lincoln Drapes, 4 Quilts, 1 Venetian, 6 Beehives, 1 Brazil Model C, 1 Genie II in original box, 4 Hanging Lamps, Lots of metal fonts for floor lamps, 5 Caboose Lamps, 75th Shelf Lamp, 70th Anniversary Lamp with Shade, 8 Milkglass Fonts, 1 Josephine Lamp.
Aladdin Electric Lamps – 21 plus,
Hoppy Gun in Holster and Bullet Lamp.
Parts – Tripods, Mantles, wicks, burners.
Lots of Shades
Collection of Alacite
Flatwick and Electric Lamps, Flatwick Chimneys.

Contact Information:
Sandra Brown

Living Estate Sale:
Aladdin lamps and various other oil lamps from the Frank Wimberley collection.
See list below.
Please call or write for more information.
Lori W. Dickens
825 Henderson Rd.
West Monroe, LA 71291
Phone: 318-614-0917

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